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Week 26 Day 3: Deforestation of the Rainforest

Quiz by Brittney Fries

Grade 5
Ohio Learning Standards

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    What evidence does the author provide to support the idea that the Amazon provides important benefits to the planet's climate and people? 

    Question Image

    "He says that the Amazon's carbon pool is leaking out slowly with deforestation." 

    "Most deforestation happens in specific areas in the Amazon." 

    "These rivers are also surrounded by forests; however, these regions support completely different species." 

    "The moisture created in the Amazon produces rainfall in South America's Andes Mountains." 

  • Q2

    What is the structure of paragraphs 12-18? 

    Chronological Order

    Compare and Contrast

    Problem and Solution

    Cause and Effect

  • Q3

    Why is paragraph 14 important to the text? 

    Paragraph 14 explains the solutions we can use to save the rainforest. 

    Paragraph 14 shows timeline of how climate change has impacted the Amazon. 

    Paragraph 14 explains the causes of deforestation in the Amazon. 

    Paragraph 14 explains why the Amazon is so critical to the planet. 

  • Q4

    Which sentence best supports the idea that there is still hope in saving the rainforest if governments prioritize conservation?

    Brazil has had a lot of economic and political problems and conservation is a low priority. 

    Brazil was able to reduce its deforestation before it had economic problems it had economic problems. 

    Scientists like Lovejoy believe that the Amazon's diveristy contributes a lot to the climate of our planet. 

    Scientists are still concerned that Amazon has reached its tipping point and will not get better. 

  • Q5

    What is the main idea of the article?

    Question Image

    The Amazon is a diverse evironment that is important to the world's climate. 

    The Amazon needs to be protected and Brazil has been leading the way in saving it. 

    The Amazon is a diverse enviornment that is important to the world's climate, but is in critical danger and needs to be protected. 

    Brazil was helping to protect the Amazon and reduced its deforestation nearly 80% before economic problems forced them to stop.


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