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Week 8 - 8th Grade

Quiz by Katelyn Holloway

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a defining characteristic of a short story?
    There is one main conflict that the main character faces.
    A short story is always based on stories that actually happened.
    They have many complex characters.
    There are many smaller conflicts that build upon one another.
  • Q2
    Review the terms. boisterous and obnoxious Which best identifies the relationship between these terms and explains how it influences their meaning?
    They are antonyms; their meanings are the exact opposite of each other.
    They are synonyms; their meanings are nearly the same.
    They are cognates; their meanings are connected because they developed from the same Greek root words.
    They are synonyms; their meanings are exactly the same.
  • Q3
    Which is the best conclusion about Clara and Sylvester's relationship in "Gumption"?
    They are equal partners in their marriage.
    Clara is the one running the show.
    Sylvester is in charge.
    Sylvester is the main breadwinner.
  • Q4
    Read the analogy: hurricane : storm :: igneous : rock Based on this analogy, what can you infer about the meaning of igneous?
    It is a synonym for rock.
    It is a kind of rock.
    It is part of a rock.
    It is a kind of storm.
  • Q5
    Which is most helpful in remembering what symmetrical plot means?
    Think of plot twists and surprise endings.
    Think of equal parallel parts.
    Think of horror vs. terror.
    Think of exposition and climax.

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