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Weekly 4- The Age of Exploration

Quiz by Jessica Gruber

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  • Q1
    This explorer claimed land for Holland
    John Cabot
    Henry Hudson
    Ponce de Leon
    Jacques Cartier
  • Q2
    This explorer was a Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs.
    St. Augustine
    Jacques Cartier
    Henry Hudson
    Hernan Cortes
  • Q3
    What was the most likely effect of the success of Columbus' first voyage to the New World?
    A new trade route to Asia was found.
    Spain claimed all of the land in the New World.
    Spain got all the gold from the New World.
    Other European countries began to plan explorations.
  • Q4
    The most likely reason Columbus wanted to explore was.....
    he wanted to find a faster route between Europe and Asia for trade.
    he liked to travel.
    he believed the world was flat and wanted to prove it.
    they gave him money to explore.
  • Q5
    Why did the European countries want to establish colonies in the New World?
    all of the above
    colonies would firmly establish their presence in the NEw World.
    They would keep other European countries from trying to claim the land.
    Colonies would keep problems with American Indians in the area to a minimum.
  • Q6
    Which country hired Henry Hudson before Holland?
  • Q7
    How did the Age of Discovery change mapmaking?
    European mapmakers got new information about the world from explorers.
    Because of the Age of Discovery, the maps we have include a grid system with lines of longitude and latitude that make locating specific information easier.
    Sailors were able to fill in the blank spaces on their maps.
    all of the choices
  • Q8
    What did the maps look like before the Age of Discovery?
    They had grids that were lines of latitude and longitude.
    Before the Age of Discovery, they only had globes that showed them the world.
    they showed a flat piece of land. There was nothing but blank space between Europe and Asia.

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