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Weekly News Quiz Jan. 13-16, 2020

Quiz by Bruce Hanson

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    On Monday, we saw a report that showed that planes from this country had come EXTREMELY close to US Navy ships. This is a country that we've never fought against but at one time during the 1950's to 1990's was considered our enemy. What country is it?
  • Q2
    Also on Monday. There is something a bit unusual that will be happening or maybe even is happening right now in our skies, that is during the month of January. What is it?
    Jet plane trails
    Thunderstorms everywhere, every night
    Meteor shower
    Northern Lights
  • Q3
    On Tuesday, there was a report about a serious situation in the US right now. It's officially the "season" for it. It's a big health issue and it's causing quite a few people to die. What is it?
    plane crashes
    the flu
    car crashes
    bee stings from aggressive bees
  • Q4
    Also on Tuesday, we saw a segment on this incredible natural disaster. It's a volcano erupting and it's very close to a huge city with millions of people. What country is it in?
    The Philippines
  • Q5
    On Wednesday, there was a report about something terrible that happened. A country accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet killing everyone aboard. What county is the one who shot it down ?
  • Q6
    One more thing from Wednesday is the report we saw about the wildfires in this country. There have been so many animals affected that they have even started dropping carrots and sweet potatoes from aircraft to give animals something to eat. What country is it?
  • Q7
    Yesterday, we saw Thursday's news since we had a snow day Thursday. The first thing we saw was a report on President Trump being impeached. So, True or False, impeached means taken out of office.
  • Q8
    This last question is about a new way to possibly use technology. In the report, they talked about this thing being used to screen people when they apply for a job. This means this technology would look at the information (data) and decide whether it would be good to go ahead and schedule an interview. What is this technology?
    Laser enhanced recognition
    Artificial Intelligence
    5G communications
    video calling

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