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Quiz by Margaret Newcomb

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Where does a Basic Art student stow his or her backback?
    completely under the table
    beside the stool
    in the bin
    in front of the room
  • Q2
    Which one of the following supplies is NOT required?
    exacto knife
    12" ruler
    drawing pencil
  • Q3
    If I put my backpack on before the bell, I will
    receive a detention
    be the last to leave
    bring Madame a latte
    receive a 0 in participation
  • Q4
    When I know I'll be absent, I should do all the following before I return EXCEPT
    ask in advance what I can do to be ready
    check Google Classroom for assignment
    say, "Did you do anything when I was gone?"
    schedule make-up studio time
  • Q5
    If my friend wants help with an art work, I can
    say "Do your own work and leave me alone."
    help by making marks on my friend's work
    explain and demonstrate technique with a sketch in my sketch book
    laugh out loud at my friend
  • Q6
    My grade in this class depends on all the following EXCEPT
    application to the task
    my good looks
    keeping materials and room clean
    progress in skill mastery
  • Q7
    I need to choose two works to submit to
    Seattle Art Museum
    the BBHS Spring Art Show
    the Louvre
  • Q8
    The title of the text for this class is
    Everything I ever needed to know I learned in art class
    The Magic Touch of Art
    Creation and Becoming

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