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Western Expansion Test Review

Quiz by Alexis Egan

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  • Q1

    Which country did Thomas Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory from?





  • Q2

    Which of the following is NOT a reason that the Louisiana purchase was significant?

    It was a peaceful agreement between France and the US

    It doubled the size of the United States

    The US conquered France in order to get the land, and became a world superpower

    It led to more Western Expansion and exploration of the country

  • Q3

    What was a major reason that settlers headed for California in the 1840's and 50's?

    People wanted to learn how to surf

    The Eastern Coast was too cold and people wanted to move to warm weather

    It was so easy to get to the West, people figured they would give it a try

    Gold had been found there, and they hoped to mine it and become rich

  • Q4

    According to the Monroe Doctrine, the US would not get involved in European affairs unless....

    European countries were at war with each other

    European countries called out the US directly

    European countries tried to deal with their existing colonies

    European countries tried to colonize the Western Hemisphere

  • Q5

    What were the two main groups of immigrant that worked on the Transcontinental Railroad?

    Mexican and Japanese

    Canadian and French

    Irish and Spanish

    Chinese and Irish

  • Q6

    How were the Chinese treated differently as railroad workers?

    They were taken out of photos 

    They were paid less

    They did not have adequate housing

    All of these

  • Q7

    Which is true about the US response to the flood of Chinese immigrants?

    The Chinese Exclusion Act, which put a ban on Chinese people immigrating to the US

    The Transcontinental Act, which said Chinese people could not work on the train

    The Quartering Act, which said that people had to house Chinese immigrants in their home

    The Equal Pay Act, which said that all railroad workers should be paid the same

  • Q8

    Which of the following was a hardship that Western Settlers might have faced?

    They did not bring enough food, water, or supplies for the long journey

    Animals pulling the carts wanted to run ahead of them

    They kept having to stop at stores on the way to get fod

    Too many good routes to choose from

  • Q9

    Why did so many Irish come to America in the mid-1800's?

    The Irish king was a tyrant

    They knew that Irish people were treated very well in American

    They wanted to take a ride on the recently built railroad

    The Potato Famine made it hard for them to get enough to eat

  • Q10

    Which of the following is a PUSH factor for immigrants?

    There are great job opportunities in their new country

    Their home country is at war

    Their new country is at war

    They've always wanted to visit their new country

  • Q11

    Which of the following is a PULL factor for immigrants?

    People discriminate against them in their new country

    There is not enough food in their home country

    They are not able to find work in their home country

    Members of their family already live in the new country

  • Q12

    How much was the FINAL cost of the Louisiana Purchase?





  • Q13

    Which two world leaders were involved in the Louisiana Purchase?

    George Washington and King George

    Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte

    John Adams and Lafayette

    Benjamin Franklin and Vladmir Putin

  • Q14

    What were the goals of Lewis and Clark's exploration of the new territory?

    To chop down trees for lumber in the east, to learn how to canoe, and to make sure all of the French were gone

    To marry Native American women, learn how to build tepees, and create a new style of fishing in the west

    To hunt beavers, to claim the southern land from Mexico, and to make themselves famous

    To find waterways for travel to the west, to discover what kind of resources were available, and to form friendly relationships with Native Americans

  • Q15

    What is the main goal of Manifest Destiny?

    For the US to hope that all of their dreams come true

    For the US to take control of all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean

    For the US to stop all expansion immediately

    For the US to conquer any country that challenges them


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