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Westward Expansion

Quiz by Guneet

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    The capital of Georgia moved many times. What was the main reason behind these moves?
    It needed to stay in the geographic center of the state
    It needed to stay close to the Cherokee capital
    It needed to move because the state government was outgrowing the capital buildings
    Capital needed to stay in center of population as it moved west
  • Q2
    Which statement best describes a “land grant university”. (Example: University of Georgia)
    Land for the college/ university given by federal government
    The college was a public university
    The college was established as an agricultural college
    The land could never be used for any purpose other than a college
  • Q3
    What was the “Yazoo Land Fraud” of 1795?
    Members of Georgia government sold land to land companies for a much higher price than it was worth
    Members of Georgia government sold land to 4 land companies for low price
    Land companies illegally sold land to the Native Americans
    The Governor of Georgia gave away the land to the Native Americans
  • Q4
    What was the purpose of “Headright System” and “Land Lotteries”?
    Create a way of counting the states population
    Create new voting and election districts
    Provide an organized system of collecting taxes
    Give away newly acquired Native American lands to American settlers
  • Q5
    What system replaced the “Headrignt System” as a way of giving land?
    Land Lottery
    Tomahawk Rights
    Land Rush
  • Q6
    Why was cotton gin created?
    Speed up processing of cotton into thread
    Speed up harvesting of cotton crop
    Speed up planting of cotton crop
    Speed up separating of seeds from cotton
  • Q7
    Which invention in the 1830s helped speed up the transportation of goods throughout Georgia?
    Mechanical reaper
    Steam boat
    Cotton gin
  • Q8
    How did the invention of cotton gin effect slavery?
    Decreased the need for slaves
    Did not impact the need for slaves
    Increased the need for slaves
    It was actually the railroad that increased the need for slaves
  • Q9
    Which President of the United States signed the “Indian Removal Act”?
    Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Johnson
    John Marshall
    John Ross
  • Q10
    Who was the Supreme Court Justice that supported the Cherokee Nation in Worcester v. Georgia?
    Andrew Jackson
    John Marshall
    John Ross
    Andrew Johnson
  • Q11
    Who was the Cherokee Indian Chief that made several trips to Washington, D. C. to ask the U.S. Government for protection of his people?
    William McIntosh
    Andrew Johnson
    Andrew McGillivary
    John Ross
  • Q12
    What was the forced march of the Cherokee from Georgia to the Oklahoma Indian Territory where over 4,000 Cherokee died?
    The Long Journey
    Trail of Tears
    The American Indian Exodus
    The Cherokee Trail
  • Q13
    How did the “Dahlonega Gold Rush” impact the Cherokee?
    The Cherokee learned the English language from miners looking for gold
    The Cherokee were given a percentage of all the gold that was mined
    Georgia government had land lotteries to give Cherokee land to white settlers and miners
    General Assembly bought their land for $5 million dollars
  • Q14
    The Cherokee removal was assured when
    The syllabary was discovered
    The Supreme Court decided Worchester v. Georgia
    John Ross was elected chief
    Gold was discovered on Cherokee land
  • Q15
    Why was William McIntosh, a Creek Chief, murdered by his own people?
    He was related to Georgia governors Mitchell and Troup
    He was defeated in a fight with Georgia militia
    Gave up Creek land by signing the Treaty of Indian Springs
    He became a political ally with the Cherokee over time

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