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Westward Expansion


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14 questions
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  • Q1
    Phrase that expressed the belief that the U.S. had a divinely inspired mission to expand, spreading its form of democracy and freedom.
    Manifest Destiny
  • Q2
    Agreement where Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. and gave up its claims to the Oregon Territory.
    Adams-Onis Treaty
  • Q3
    Admitted Maine as a free state; admitted Missouri as a slave state; slavery to be banned from the Louisiana Territory north of Missouri's southern border.
    Missouri Compromise
  • Q4
    American adventurers and fur trappers who spent most of their time in the Rocky Mountains.
    mountain men
  • Q5
    Territory split at the 49th parallel between the U.S. and Britain; U.S. wanted the border at the 54th parallel, but because of problems with Mexico they did not want to fight with the British.
    Oregon Territory
  • Q6
    Claimed by United States as southern boundary of Texas; cause of the Mexican-American War.
    Rio Grande
  • Q7
    Trail from independence Missouri to Oregon used by many pioneers during the 1840s.
    Oregon Trail
  • Q8
    Trail from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah, to escape religious persecution.
    Mormon Trail
  • Q9
    Occurred in 1836 after Sam Houston led a successful revolt to capture Santa Anna and overthrow Mexican control of Texas.
    Texas Independence
  • Q10
    Why the U.S. wanted the Oregon Territory.
    fertile land
  • Q11
    Caused by border dispute between TX and Mexico; U.S. won; U.S. paid Mexico for land that was gained through the war (present southwest area of the U.S.).
    Mexican-American War
  • Q12
    President during the Mexican-American War; known for promoting Manifest Destiny.
    James K. Polk
  • Q13
    This discovery in California in the late 1840s led to mass migration by many different ethnic groups, including the Chinese.
    Gold Rush
  • Q14
    Agreement with Mexico that gave the U.S. parts of present-day New Mexico & Arizona in exchange for $10 million; all but completed the continental expansion envisioned by those who believed in Manifest Destiny.
    Gadsden Purchase

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