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Westward Expansion Test

Quiz by John Heeg

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    What were some of the problems that settlers encountered on the mining frontier?
    The Chinese were getting rich from Gold mining
    The Homestead Act encouraged crime
    Sooners were killing vigilantes
    pollution in streams, cutting down of forests, few ever got rich
  • Q2
    What did some towns in the west do to control lawlessness and disorder?
    Organized vigilantes
    None of the above
    Pass the 13th amendment
    Move criminals onto reservations
  • Q3
    What was the most significant economic impact of the transcontinental railroads during the late 1800s?
    eliminating overseas trade with Europe
    rapid rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
    expanding trade nationwide
    decreasing the influence of big business
  • Q4
    Cowhands on cattle drives used skills
    that destroyed the buffalo herds.
    learned from Mexican vaqueros.
    that made the work more difficult.
    brought over by Irish immigrants.
  • Q5
    Railroad companies hired immigrants to build the transcontinental railroad because
    immigrants worked for low pay.
    they prefered English speaking workers
    the government would not let them use United States citizens.
    many immigrants had experience doing railroad work.
  • Q6
    Settlers and Plains Indians came into conflict mostly because
    Indians claimed more land than they could use.
    Indians had all of the good farmland
    settlers ignored treaties protecting Indian lands.
    chiefs like Sitting Bull had provoked the military into fighting them
  • Q7
    When gold was discovered in at Pikes Peak, Colorado in 1848 what were Native Americans forced to do?
    nothing the U.S. government honored the Fort Laramie Treaty
    they were forced onto reservations in the east
    hunt buffalo
    Native Americans had to sign a new treaty giving up their land
  • Q8
    The belief that the United States had a right to expand across the continent to the Pacific…
    homestead act
    manifest destiny
    cow towns
  • Q9
    On a cattle drive, cowhands might have to...
    stop off in mining towns along the way.
    load cattle onto the railroad cars.
    all of the above
    work alongside vaqueros in Mexico.
  • Q10
    The government encouraged settlers to move onto the Plains by...
    outlawing buffalo hunts.
    building the Cattle Kingdom
    passing the Homestead Act
    building cow towns
  • Q11
    Which group of immigrants worked on the railroad and faced discrimination?
    Sooners and Homesteaders
    Cowhands and Sharecroppers
    Italians, Syrians, and Mexicans
    Chinese and Mexicans
  • Q12
    How did Congress help railroad companies?
    by giving them a subsidy
    by passing the Homestead Act
    by letting farmers farm land for 5 years
    by putting up barbed wire fences
  • Q13
    What action of Plains farmers helped end the Cattle Kingdom?
    they hunted buffalo
    they quickly passed into areas farther west
    they gave up farming
    they put up barbed wire fences
  • Q14
    Why did boomtowns become ghost towns?
    Miners left when they could not find gold, businesses closed
    farmers put up barbed wire fences
    the battle of Little Big Horn scared off settlers
    Native Americans were successful as farmers
  • Q15
    Which of the following does not describe life as a cowboy?
    worked for owners of large ranches
    earned $1 a day
    built rail lines
    learned skills from vaqueros

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