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WH Ch 18 Test The French Revolution and Napoleon

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    What caused France to go deeply into debt in the 1780s
    France's aid to the colonists during the American Revolution
    Franc's explorations in the New World, encouraged by Louis XVI
    King Louis' unwillingness to tax peasants
    France's aid to the colonists during the French an dIndian War
  • Q2
    By 1789, what caused French peasants to become angry to the point of rebellion?
    Britain' invasion of France and Louis' inability to stop it
    High taxes and widespread hunger
    King Louis XVI's marriage to Marie Antoinette
    France's support of US over Britain in the Revolutionary War
  • Q3
    What event officially started the French Revolution? July 14, 1789
    The death of Marie Antoinette new guillotine
    The death to King Louis XVI via guillotine
    The storming of the Bastille Prison by peasants
    The invasion of the Austrians and Prussians into Paris
  • Q4
    The National Assembly of France published a document called ______. This gave the French rights
    The Constitution of the French Republic
    Robespierre's Rights for French Citizens
    The Declaration of Independence
    the Declaration of the rights of Man
  • Q5
    The _______ were radical, violent revolutionaries who called for a republic in France.
    Enlightened Despots

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