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WH Ch 18 Test The French Revolution and Napoleon

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    What caused France to go deeply into debt in the 1780s
    France's aid to the colonists during the American Revolution
    Franc's explorations in the New World, encouraged by Louis XVI
    King Louis' unwillingness to tax peasants
    France's aid to the colonists during the French an dIndian War
  • Q2
    By 1789, what caused French peasants to become angry to the point of rebellion?
    Britain' invasion of France and Louis' inability to stop it
    High taxes and widespread hunger
    King Louis XVI's marriage to Marie Antoinette
    France's support of US over Britain in the Revolutionary War
  • Q3
    What event officially started the French Revolution? July 14, 1789
    The death of Marie Antoinette new guillotine
    The death to King Louis XVI via guillotine
    The storming of the Bastille Prison by peasants
    The invasion of the Austrians and Prussians into Paris
  • Q4
    The National Assembly of France published a document called ______. This gave the French rights
    The Constitution of the French Republic
    Robespierre's Rights for French Citizens
    The Declaration of Independence
    the Declaration of the rights of Man
  • Q5
    The _______ were radical, violent revolutionaries who called for a republic in France.
    Enlightened Despots
  • Q6
    During the French Revolution who was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety?
    King Louis XVI
    Maximillien Robespiere
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Jean-Paul Marat
  • Q7
    For a year, Maximillien Robespierre governed France as a dictator. What was his rule known as?
    The year of Death
    The Reign of Terror
    Bloody Sunay
    The Great Fear
  • Q8
    What was Maximilien Robespierre' goal during his rule of France (1793-1794)
    To find "enemies of the revolution"and have them executed
    To build a "republic of peace" and remove the death penalty
    To transform France into a stable constitutional monarchy
    To rebuild France on the foundation of Christianity
  • Q9
    Approximately ________ people were executed via guillotine during the Terror in France, including __________
    40,000; Marie Antoinette
    10,000; Ann Boleyn
    5,000; Jean Jaques Rousseau
    20,000;Napoleon Banaparte
  • Q10
    In 1799, who declared the French Revolution to be officially over, 10 years after it had begun
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Louis XVI
    Maximilien Robespierre
  • Q11
    What was Napoleon's FIRST goal in resting order and property to France?
    To create a strong police department within Paris
    To stabilize France's economy, which was in a depression
    To re-appoint Jacobins to power, because they were efficient
    to invade Spain in re-claim what was rightfully French land
  • Q12
    What was the Napoleonic Code?
    Comprehensive system of laws that re-established legal order
    Economic system that restored financial prosperity to France
    A secret message that Napoleon sent to the pope to decipher
    The code of chivalry that Napoleon brought back to France
  • Q13
    In 1804, Napoleon made himself Emperor of France, Who placed the crown on his head?
    His Servant
    His wife Josephine
    Pope Pius VII
  • Q14
    Once Napoleon became Emperor of France, what was his next goal?
    To control the rest of Europe
    To control the United States, his former ally
    to control the New World, including Central and South America
    To industrialize France and enact a policy of isolationism
  • Q15
    Napoleon was almost every battle, But he lost _______ to the British navy off the coast of Spain
    The Battle of Waterloo
    The Battle of Trafalgar
    The Battle of Madrid
    The Battle of Gibraltar

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