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WH World History 9 week Test Review

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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  • Q1
    What factors resulted in nomadic people change to farming?
    establishment of common languages and similar religions
    climate changes effect the availability of food and the invention of faming tools
  • Q2
    What effects did food surpluses have on people and populations?
    The effects were there would be extra food to trade and eat if needed and families could grow bigger and begin specializing in certain jobs and trades
    Surpluses in food resulted in contamination and disease which then resulted in decline of population
  • Q3
    The significance of the Nile, Indus, Tigris and Euphrates rivers were
    centers for the origin of civilizations
    Religious centers
  • Q4
    Cultural diffusion - the spread of ideas and the blending of cultures. What is the best example of diffusion
    the capture and exile of the Hebrews to Babylon
    The spread of Alexander the Great's empire brought together art, philosophy and ideas between the east and the west
  • Q5
    The devine appointment of leaders in China was identified as
    Divine comedy
    Divine right
    Mandate of Heaven
    Consecration of Kings
  • Q6
    The spread of Christianity benefited ___________
    because of the Roman Empire there was freedom to travel. Therefore Christians spread their beliefs as they traveled
    Roman Caesar required all Roman citizens to be Christian
  • Q7
    What is the result of... Excess Food, Growing Populations, and Specialized Jobs
    New civilizations established
    decline of population
    People become nomadic and hunters-gatheres
  • Q8
    Rivers encouraged ...
    Hunting and Gathering
  • Q9
    What makes religions so appealing to so many people?
    Religions provide hope and helps guide people
    Religions encourage freedom to slaves
  • Q10
    Confucianism provided China
    a basis for a social order
    a military strategy
  • Q11
    Poor economy, weak army, poverty, and corrupt leaders result in
    the growth of empires
    the decline of empires
  • Q12
    The Roman Empire above split to East and West. Invaders to the Western Roman Empire destroyed cities. This resulted in a huge population shift to...
    Question Image
    a redevelopment of existing cities.
    the country/rural areas
  • Q13
    One of the reasons to the fall of the Han Dynasty and Roman Empire was
    Question Image
    growing employement
    Internal conflicts among the leadership
  • Q14
    What made this location a desired area for civilization
    Question Image
    The discovery of gold brought people from the Indus valley here.
    agriculture grew well at these locations
  • Q15
    Neolithic Revolution changed what to what
    Hunting and gathering and nomadic to agriculture and permanent settlements
    Use of gold to silver as main source of money
    Polytheism to Monotheism

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