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WHAP 2.1 pg. 77-81

Quiz by Robert Yount

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  • Q1
    What caused the Golden Age of the Silk Road to come to an end
    Haha, trick, it never came to an end
    New Tech outdated the Road
    Fall of the Roman and Han Empires
    Too many pirates and too much crime
  • Q2
    What advances did China make with naval technology?
    Rudder to steer ships
    Magnetic Compass
  • Q3
    What helped cities thrive along the long stretches of the silk road?
    Strong military
    Cities that were watered by rivers
    New technology
  • Q4
    Who revived the Silk Road in the 8th and 9th centuries?
    Demand from the world for goods
    Arab merchants from Abbasid
    The Roman Empire's dominance
    The Han Empire's dominance

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