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WHAP 2.6 pg 121-123

Quiz by Robert Yount

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  • Q1
    Where do some historians believe Champa Rice originated?
    Nice try Yount, Champa Rice isn't even real
  • Q2
    How did Bananas get to Sub Saharan Africa?
    Indonesian Seafarers
    They are natural and indigenous to Sub Saharan Africa
    Nice try Yount, Bananas aren't even real
    Silk Road
  • Q3
    As caliphs conquered lands, what else did they spread other than Islam and Arabic language?
    All of the above
    Cultivation of cotton
    Cultivation of citrus crops
    Cultivation of sugar
  • Q4
    What helped to transmit the Bubonic Plague from Southern China to Central Asia and eventually to Europe?
    The Trans Saharan Trade
    The Mongol conquest
    The Indian Ocean Trade
    It is a natural occurrence

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