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WHAP 6.2 pg. 375-380

Quiz by Robert Yount

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea?
    Suez Canal
    Mediterranean Canal
    Red Sea Canal
    Panama Canal
  • Q2
    Why did the British establish Sierra Leone?
    Diamond mines
    A place to concentrate slaves before shipping
    Military base
    Home for former enslaved people
  • Q3
    What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
    European leaders established order with Berlin colonization
    The Berlin Conference established peace with Berlin
    European leaders established order with African colonization
    The Berlin Conference declared war with Berlin
  • Q4
    Which colony did king leopold own?
    Sierra Leone
  • Q5
    Which colony did the USA establish for former enslaved people
    Sierra Leone

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