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WHAP Unit 4.4 pg. 218-221

Quiz by Robert Yount

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    What is chattel slavery?
    A system where people are bought and sold as property
    Royal slavery
    It mean the slaves were meant for plantation labor
    A system where people are bought or traded with livestock
  • Q2
    What African States benefited from participating in portuguese trade?
    Both Asante Empire and Kingdom of Kongo
    The Kingdom of Kongo
    The Asante Empire
    Neither the Asante Empire and Kingdom of Kongo
  • Q3
    What did Japan and China do to deal with outside influence?
    Embraced the influence
    Increased trade in order to have economic leverage
    Limited trade
  • Q4
    Which indigenous group occupied Tenochtitlan which is modern day Mexico City?

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