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What did you learn the first day of 4th grade?

Quiz by Marjorie Howe

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  • Q1
    What does the T stand for in TEAM Ryan?
    Thank you and please
    Think win win
    Treat others with kindness and respect
  • Q2
    What does the E stand for in TEAM Ryan?
    End with a smile
    Enjoy life
    Excellent attitude
    Excellent work
  • Q3
    What do your parents sign every night?
    the Report Card
    your hand
    the Agenda
    the Monday Folder
  • Q4
    What do you do when you hear the bell ring or other quiet signals?
    Keep working, but look at the teacher
    Keep working, but stop talking
    Look at the teacher, stop talking, listen, hands and feet still
    Keep talking, but listen to the teacher
  • Q5
    What do you do when you walk into the classroom every morning?
    walk around the room
    cartwheels across the room
    talk to your neighbors
    lunch count, use restroom, sharpen pencil, quietly start Morning Work
  • Q6
    How much does it cost to use the bathroom during class time?
    10 cents
  • Q7
    How much do you get for having your parents sign your agenda and parent initials for showing you did your homework?
    10 cents for each
    1 cent for each
    5 cents for each
  • Q8
    Which whistle do we have when recess is over?
    2nd whistle
    3rd whistle
    1st whistle
    4th whistle
  • Q9
    When can you use the bathroom without paying?
    only at the end of the day
    only at lunch time
    before school, bathroom break time, lunch time, just before recess, end of the day
    only at bathroom break time
  • Q10
    How do you walk down the hall?
    tight to the right, hair stare, zero talking (a perfect 10)
    next to your friend so you can talk
    you don't walk, you run

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