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Quiz by Daniela Zallocco

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  • Q1
    Who coined the term "app generation"?
    Marc Prensky
    Howard Gardner
    Ruben Puentedura
    Nicholas Negroponte
  • Q2
    What is the objective of the SAMR model?
    It is a framework for evaluating students
    It is a framework created by the World Economic Forum
    It is the skills which are required by 21st century learners
    It is a framework to show the impact of technology in teaching and learning
  • Q3
    If a test is not realiable it means...
    that it can not be trusted because it is precise and it doesn`t depend of subjective interpretation
    it means that the use of its results go beyond what the test was designed for
  • Q4
    The T in SMART stands for...
  • Q5
    Daniela will reveal spoilers if...
    she doesn't receive a standing ovation
    students don`t stay not on task
    she doesn't win one of the raffles
    she has to work with Donald Trump

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