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What Do You Theme?

Quiz by Stephanie Johnson

Grade 3
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 3
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Alex was a brave warrior. He went to fight for his village knowing that he may not win. He did not win but was still proud of his hard work.
    Alex was a kind man.
    Alex did not want to fight for his village.
    Alex was scared to fight.
    Alex showed bravery no matter what.
  • Q2
    George was a bad man. He did not talk to many people. One day he met a princess and she showed him kindness. He realized that life is too short and it is important to be kind.
    George does not like anyone.
    George is now a kind man.
    George is happy.
    George is a grumpy man and does not change.
  • Q3
    Sally is very impatient. She was mean to a lady in front of her at the store because it was taking so long. The lady was a witch and cast a spell to make her patient from now on. Sally stood in line quietly and did not say another word.
    Sally was shy.
    Sally is still impatient.
    Sally was patient and waited her turn.
    Sally is mean and always will be.
  • Q4
    Charlotte is a smart girl. She wanted to help others but did not know how. Her classmate was struggling with math. She helped him and he learned how to finish the problem.
    Charlotte used her knowledge to help others.
    Charlotte is happy.
    Charlotte is greedy.
    Charlotte is too busy.
  • Q5
    Trace was very talkative. His teacher told him if he did not talk when it was time to talk and work when he was supposed to work, he would not be allowed to go to recess. He decided to work and was able to talk at recess.
    Trace kept talking and was not allowed to go to recess.
    Trace talked at recess and worked in the classroom.
    Trace is funny.
    Trace is unhappy.

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