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What Happened Before 9D

Quiz by Teri Mcleod

Grade 5
Science (2020-present)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 5
Science (2020-present)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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10 questions
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  • Q1

    All of the following are very helpful when identifying evidence of past living plants EXCEPT

    an impression left by a plant that lived  a very long time ago

    the remains of a plant replaced with minerals

    a fossil of a plant from long ago which has now changed to stone

    a rock from the mantle located deep underneath Earth's surface

  • Q2

    The diagram shows layers of rock next to a road. 

    Layer 3 contains many plant fossils. Layer 3 most likely formed in which type of environment?

    Question Image





  • Q3

    When an organism dies and becomes buried in sediment, mineral fossilization may occur. Soft parts of the organism decay quickly, while hard parts such as bones, take more time. As water seeps through the sediment and bone minerals in the water begin to replace the cells in the bone. It eventually turns to stone. What type of condition must be present for mineral fossilization to occur?

    wet climate

    hot climate

    windy climate

    dry climate

  • Q4

    Students are creating a model of a fossil during science class. Which explains why scientist study fossils?

    fossils help keep pecies from becoming extinct

    fossils predict climate change

    fossils help us understand about past organisms and environments

    fossils help us understand what to expect in the future

  • Q5

    An ancient fossil of a fish was found in a dry area. What does this suggest about how this area used to look?

    Question Image

    There was once water in the area

    The land was a dense forrest

    The land was a dry dessert

    The fossil was moved becuase there could not have been water there in the past

  • Q6

    Fossils are found in which of the following?

    tar pits

    all of these

    sedimentary rock

    stream beds

  • Q7

    When examining sedimentary rock layers to better understand the nature of a fossil's environment, which layer is considered to have evidence of the oldest past living organism?

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  • Q8

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  • Q9

    Where we live was once covered in water.

    True or False
  • Q10

    Put the layers in order from oldest to youngest. 

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