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What have they done?

Quiz by heidy flores

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  • Q1
    What's the topic of what Albert is saying?
    a hobby
    a job
    a sport
  • Q2
    What did Albert just do?
    Albert just entered a talent contest.
    Albert just got university.
    Albert just entered a film in a national film festival.
  • Q3
    What's the topic about what Reny is saying?
    an accident
    a job
  • Q4
    What did Reny just do?
    Reny just sang her favorite song.
    Reny just performed for the president.
    Reny just talked with her crush.
  • Q5
    What's the topic of what Melissa is saying?
    a sport
    a movie on TV
    an accident
  • Q6
    What did Melissa just do?
    Melissa just watched the entire series of her favorite TV show.
    Melissa just watched bad news on TV
    Melissa just watched a match of her favorite football team.

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