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What is a Robot?

Quiz by Alex Daroux

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is Maria?
    The first fictional robot in a film
    An early robot designer
    Speaker at a TED presentation about robots
    The mother of a robot
  • Q2
    What language does the word Robot come from? And what does it mean?
    Czech - means slave
    Egyptian - means machine
    German - means iron warrior
    Russian - means metal man
  • Q3
    Who is Robbie?
    A friend of the presenter of a TED talk
    A robot designer from the 50s
    A robot from a 50's film
  • Q4
    How do we THINK about Robots according to Professor Hugh?
    They are magical
    They are obedient and to be feared
    They look just like people
    They are dangerous and stupid
  • Q5
    Why is Australia such a great place for Robots?
    It's empty
    It's a long way from anywhere else
    It has lots of great applications for robots
    It's big
  • Q6
    What are some industries in Australia that use Robots?
    Television, computer gaming and forestry
    Programming, wildlife care and tourism
    Urban planning, construction and gambling
    Mining, cargo handling and agriculture
  • Q7
    What is special about the port of Brisbane?
    It can cope with robotic ships
    It's designed by robots
    It's fully robotic
    It has a lot of robotic workers
  • Q8
    Where is the is port of Brisbane run from?
  • Q9
    Why is it good to use robots in a mine?
    Mines are good for robots
    They're better at maths
    Robots are stronger than people
    It's dangerous and unpleasant
  • Q10
    How are robots used to protect the marine environment?
    Warning people to stay away from protected areas
    Helping fish to migrate
    Monitoring marine habitats and tracking migration habits
    Creating accurate maps and monitoring underwater environments
  • Q11
    Shooting range robots project won what?
    A hunting competition where the robots had to hide from hunters.
    The international robotics federation award
    An accuracy competition with the US Marine Corps
    A $50 million contract to supply the robots to the US Marine Corps
  • Q12
    What do the wheelchair bots do?
    Cross the road on their own
    Avoid hazards
    Write love messages to each other
    Store themselves
  • Q13
    A robot is not a ____________________ it’s not something that looks like a human
  • Q14
    [A robot] is a ______________ that connects a _____________ to the real world
    creature, machine
    vehicle, cable
    machine, person
    system, computer
  • Q15
    How does a robot connect computers to the real world?
    Through sensors and soldering
    With a cord
    Wirelessly over WiFi
    Through perception, action and learning

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