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What is an Active Citizen? TNReady Text

Quiz by Kelly Pennell

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  • Q1
    PART A: Which trait best describes someone who is an active citizen?
  • Q2
    PART B: Which quotation shows evidence of answer choice in PART A?
    "Anything you can do to lighten the load of someone else would be more than welcome." (paragraph 3)
    "If politics seem to be your calling, then you could always run for office one day." (paragraph 6)
    "Get your friends involved." (paragraph 4)
    "If you are truly ambitious, you can become a member of the actual association." (paragraph 3)
  • Q3
    Which resource would be most likely to give you more information about how to register to vote?
    a newspaper
    the area's government website
    the local phone book
    a pamphlet from the library
  • Q4
    Which word best describes the author's tone throughout the selection?
  • Q5
    Which technique does the author use to create an effect?
    writes with inspiring words and terms
    supplies specific directions and instructions
    writes as if speaking directly to the reader
    includes numerous examples and details
  • Q6
    What could the author have added that would make her position stronger?
    contact information for each organization and agency being discussed.
    directions on how to register to vote in the election
    more examples of how to become an active citizen
    inspiring quotes from people who are taking part in being an active citizen
  • Q7
    What particular group is the author targeting?
    people looking for ways to get involved in their communities
    politicians looking to improve their organizations
    people looking to improve their neighborhoods
    organizations looking to recruit new volunteers
  • Q8
    PART A: Which word describes the author's tone throughout the passage?
  • Q9
    PART B
    "Maybe you have noticed how dark the neighborhood is once the sun goes down." (Paragraph 3)
    "Are you interested in educational issues? Are you interested in neighborhood issues?" (Paragraph 2)
    "You are just one person. What can you do?" (Paragraph 1)
    "By helping other citizens, you are demonstrating your respect for others in your community. " (Paragraph 3)
  • Q10
    With which statement would the author most likely agree?
    Volunteering one Saturday a month is the best way to become an active citizen.
    Active citizens are much more respected in the community.
    Becoming involved at the government level is the best way to influence change.
    Becoming an active citizen is easy and very rewarding.
  • Q11
    Which sentence summarizes the main idea of the passage?
    To become an active citizen, a person must take the time to be aware of important issues and then become involved as much as possible.
    To become an active citizen, you should volunteer at a local shelter.
    To become an active citizen, a person must vote in each election.
    To become an active citizen, a person must attend neighborhood association meetings.
  • Q12
    Which sentence is a summary of paragraph 2?
    A person should his or her neighbor.
    A person needs to become a member of a neighborhood association.
    A person can become an active citizen by doing things like presenting proposals, becoming a member of the neighborhood association, and passing out fliers.
    You should always respect members of your neighborhood.
  • Q13
    Which statement from the passage expresses an opinion?
    Research your senators and congressmen.
    You could attend a meeting of the neighborhood association.
    Let's face it, everyone is busy.
    Teachers need volunteers to take students to the library or read with small groups.

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