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What should I do?

Quiz by Ellis Swopes

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  • Q1
    At what age is a person an adult?
  • Q2
    What would you do if a stranger asked you where you live?
    sing a song
    Tell him or her
    give him a fake one
    Don't say anything and walk away?
  • Q3
    What would you do if you found out your friend’s password by mistake?
    Tell friend and ask him to change it?
    Don't say anything
    smell his shoes
    log in and gather as much info as you can.
  • Q4
    What would you do if a competition on a website asked for your personal information?
    Don't give you information to no one.
    share some
    share with them
    Give them the information.
  • Q5
    What would you do if somebody started to send you bullying text messages?
    tell an adult or a school official
    look up ways to sleep
    text back bullying messages
  • Q6
    What would you do if someone you only know online asked if they could meet you in person?
    slap them
    tell parents and or school official
    meet them
    go to sleep
  • Q7
    What would you do if you were staying at a friend’s house and they wanted to watch a film that you weren’t old enough to see?
    watch anyway
    watch then tell your parents
    Tell your friends you are not allowed to watch those types of film and leave the room.
    pretend you are sleep and watch
  • Q8
    What would you do if you were trapped on the third floor in a building with only two exits: a window and the front door. There's fire all around the building, except for a small area under the window. What would you do?
    Jump out the window
    Stay at the top floor and wait for the fire brigade
    Run around the building like a maniac, screaming "HELP!"
    Go running out the door
  • Q9
    What would you do if you were in a bus next to a woman you don't know, and you farted?
    Try to make the same noise with the chair
    Blame it on the person in front of you
    Act like you don't know who it was
  • Q10
    What would you do if you were being robbed by an UNARMED man in your house?
    Give him what he wants
    Kick him in the privates and run off
    Start a confusing chat
  • Q11
    What would you do if you got hurt while in an abandoned building?
    Stay in a corner and wait to die
    Shout for help
    Poop in your pants because you hear some noises
  • Q12
    What would you do if you were in the middle of a crowded street and your trousers fell - and everyone saw your underwear?
    Pick up your trousers, put them back on and go running off into a big shop
    Hit everyone who laughs
    Keep walking with your trousers down
  • Q13
    What would you do if you were at a sleepover and woke up to see all your friends laughing because they painted your face with lipstick that lasts 24 hours.
    nothing ....but laugh and say you guys shouldn't do that....
    Hit them
  • Q14
    What would you do if you discovered your parents had been drinking alcoholic drinks and was about to drive you home ?
    drink with them
    let them drive you
    go to sleep in the bak seat and pray for help.
    Don't go with and call a relative.
  • Q15
    What would you do if you were bored?
    play outside
    go to sleep

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