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What will happen next?

Quiz by Kim McKee

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Maggie started to shake with fear. She saw a snake slither down the tree and in to the doghouse. Her dog, Nacho, rounded the corner, and in a happy trot headed right for his little home. What does the first sentence foreshadow?
  • Q2
    Ray was excited thinking about the first day of school. He couldn't wait to meet his teacher and classmates. Then, his mother said, " Let's see if we can find something fancy for you to wear." Ray threw his hand to his head. What does the last sentence foreshadow?
  • Q3
    Kim was fishing for flounder when she saw a shark jump out of the water. A cold chill ran down her spine as she said, " Don't hesitate to stay in the water Mr. Shark, or we'll have you for dinner. "Suddenly, she felt a huge fish on her line! What does the second sentence foreshadow?
  • Q4
    Mrs. McKee shook her head in disbelief. After warning her students numerous times, they are still trying to cut in the lunchroom line. It seemed to be the same students over and over who thought they should get to eat first. What does the first sentence foreshadow?
  • Q5
    Nick could not stop smiling. His teacher had just told him that he was unique, and that no one had ever lived on the earth that was just like him. Now, he had an extra bounce in his step. Then, he saw a classmate feeling blue. What does the first sentence foreshadow?
  • Q6
    Peyton inched her way along the trail after hearing what she thought was a bear. She wasn't sure, but the growl seemed to be too loud for a coyote. In fact, it was more of a roar, she thought. Then, she heard heavy footsteps coming toward her. What does the first sentence foreshadow?
  • Q7
    Amari loved to play dodgeball. He was always begging his grandpa to play, but at 90 years old, it wasn't pretty. One day his sister, very athletic sister, feeling sorry for grandpa, challenged him to a game. What does " very athletic sister" foreshadow?
    Amari will lose
    sister will lose
    Amari will win
    grandpa will win
  • Q8
    Elizabeth told her neighbors to please try and keep their dog quiet at night. Her whole family was having a hard time sleeping with all the barking going on. Then, they didn't hear any barking at all, at any time. What do the last three words foreshadow?
    the dog is fine
    the dog is gone
    the dog ate a bird
    the dog still barks
  • Q9
    Lawton turned 18 right before graduating from high school. His father asked him what his plans were for the summer and fall. Lawton said, " I was hoping to take it easy and play lots of video games. What will happen next?
  • Q10
    Mrs. Olsen moaned as her car sputtered and came to a stop. She thought, "This feels like I'm in high school." She knew she should have filled up with gas before she entered the freeway. It would be difficult to get to work on time now. What is the flashback?
  • Q11
    Jacob eagerly cast the baited hook into the surf and waited. His family had not eaten much the last couple of days, and it reminded him when he was often hungry as a kid. He knew his family was counting on him to bring home some fish. Later that day he had such good luck it was hard to carry his catch home. What was the flashback?
  • Q12
    One day Dalton was singing along with the radio in the car. His mother was shocked to hear such a good voice. She had no idea he was that talented,and thought he might be a star one day. She had always wanted to be a famous singer. What is the flashback?
    songs on the radio
    singing lessons
    guitar lessons
    mother's dream of singing
  • Q13
    Emma knew she should probably take her mom's advice and learn how to swim. Her favorite arm floaties were looking a little ridiculous on an eleven year old. The she saw a sign on the pool, "Swim Lessons Start Tomorrow!" What will happen next?
    she'll buy more floaties
    she'll purchase a boat
    she'll learn how to swim
    she'll take a dance class
  • Q14
    Clayton loved to make people laugh. Every night he was thinking of funny new things to say. But, he also became king of the wisecrack, or otherwise known as a smart aleck. He started to get lots of demerits. What can you infer will happen next?
    he will receive no demerits
    his grades will improve
    he will start completing his homework
    teacher will speak to his parent
  • Q15
    There was a huge controversy about the playground equipment at the school. Some parents wanted the "Jungle Gym" torn down because a couple of students were injured when they slipped and fell to the ground. However, the principal had research on his side. What might happen next?
    principal will share research
    principal will have Jungle Gym removed
    parents will move to a new town
    students won't get hurt anymore

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