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What would you do?

Quiz by Janet McMillan

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  • Q1
    You’re in a store. You see a five pound note on the floor. Obviously, somebody dropped it. You remember an old saying a friend once taught you: “Finders, keepers; losers, weepers." What would you do?
    c Take it to a shop worker.
    d Ask if anyone has lost it, and if the answer is "no", pocket it.
    a Leave it there.
    b Pocket the five pounds.
  • Q2
    Your friend pulls his cat’s tail really hard. The cat meows, but your friend shrugs. “It doesn’t hurt,” he says. “That was a laughing meow! You try it!” What would you do?
    C point out how the cat might feel and how helpless it is
    D tell your friend that if he wants to continue being friends, he’ll have to quit acting up.
    B pretend you’re pulling the cat’s tail, but really don’t.
    A pull the cat’s tail to be polite to your friend, but not hard enough to hurt the cat.
  • Q3
    Your friend loves to jump out and scare you when you’re in his house. You really can’t stand being startled like that. It makes you scream. Now, he is in your house. You see the perfect opportunity to jump out and scare him in return. What would you do?
    b. jump out and scare him equally harshly; an eye for an eye, as the Old Testament says.
    d. tell him that you could have scared him and that you didn’t because you don’t like being treated that way
    c. scare him worse than he scared you; that way he’ll know you have more power and he shouldn’t mess with you.
    a. jump out and scare him, but not as badly as he did it to you
  • Q4
    You burned popcorn in the microwave. You know your mum will be mad about the smell and the irresponsibility. Your friend Jack just left. You could say that he popped the popcorn and put the timer on too high, and it will get you out of trouble, and besides: She would never yell at him, so nobody will be in trouble. What would you do?
    c. Say, “That Jack! What is wrong with him?” You’re not exactly lying because it’s just implying.
    b. Tell your mum the truth. Even if she yells, it might be a good opportunity to discuss how her yelling isn’t always fair.
    d. Tell your mum the truth and remind her of the horrible smell when she burned the tea that week; point out the hypocrisy if she yells.
    a. Just say he burned the popcorn, and nobody will be hurt.

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