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WHC 24.4 Section Review

Quiz by Brandon Foster

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  • Q1
    Which major peace conference attempted to outlaw international war?
    Berlin Summit
    Paris Peace Act
    Geneva Convention
    Treaty of Versailles
  • Q2
    How did the United States become the financial center of the world after World War I?
    The US controlled most of the world's gold reserves
    The US invested heavily in European economies
    Foreign banks moved their headquarters to America
    European nations borrowed money from America
  • Q3
    Briefly describe the problems in Europe during the 1920s.
    Europe faced no major challenges during this time
    Europe experienced a period of unprecedented growth
    Europe achieved political stability and economic prosperity
    Europe was deep in debt with a shattered economy
  • Q4
    How was Germany involved in these problems?
    Germany received significant financial aid from the Allies
    Germany declared war on other European nations
    Germany refused to pay any reparations
    The Allies tried to recuperate by relying on Germany’s reparations
  • Q5
    Why was the prosperity of the Twenties unstable?
    Increased production led to sustainable growth
    The stock market was regulated effectively
    Government policies ensured long-term stability
    The economic boom was based on financial manipulation
  • Q6
    How did the practices of speculation and buying stock on margin set the stage for economic disaster?
    They prevented market crashes
    They provided stable investment opportunities
    It was financial gambling
    They encouraged responsible financial management
  • Q7
    Give the date when the stock market crashed.
    September 11th, 2001
    November 11th, 1918
    October 29th, 1929
    December 7th, 1941
  • Q8
    What is this day called?
    Bloody Sunday
    Red Friday
    Black Tuesday
    Grey Wednesday

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