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When Families Change

Quiz by Coach Mendoza

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Why do families change?
    Families change due to bad decisions that the children make.
    Families never change.
    It's always the child's fault when families change.
    Families change due to unexpected situations that occur such as divorce, death, loss of employment, or new family members added.
  • Q2
    In a typical healthy family________________?
    nobody helps.
    mom does everything.
    only the parents help.
    Everyone helps.
  • Q3
    What are some jobs you can do at home to help out your family?
    Helping to watch the television for 4 hours a day.
    Telling others what to do.
    Helping to move your thumbs up and down when playing video games.
    Helping with chores such as washing dishes, laundry, babysitting, and taking out the trash.
  • Q4
    Who could you go to for help when unexpected changes in your family affect your emotions?
    Any adult.
    Your best friend.
    The internet.
    An adult that you trust.
  • Q5
    What family members are most negatively affected by separation or divorce?
    The parents are most affected because they loved that person.
    They grandparents are most affected because they see their kids and grandkids suffering.
    Nobody really is affected because divorce and separation are a fact of life.
    The children are the most affected because they don't know which parent to go with.
  • Q6
    What is a reason that families grow larger?
    New step parent already has kids.
    All of the above.
    Mom is having a baby.

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