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When Marian sang 'discussion'

Quiz by Khitam Mohamad

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  • Q1
    What does Marian love to do?
  • Q2
    Which event happened first in the story?
    Marian sings in Europe
    Marian sings in church
    Marian sings at the Lincoln Memorial
  • Q3
    After being turned away by a music school, Marian takes voice lessons in her neighborhood and continues to sing in churches. What does that make you think about Marian?
    she was determined to be a singer
    she was glad that the music school turned her away
  • Q4
    Before Marian sang for Mr. Boghetti, he said he didn't have time or room for new students. Then Marian sang and he said he would make room for her right away. WHY did he say that?
    he realized he forgot about some free time in his schedule
    he thought Marian sang so well that he decided to make room for her
  • Q5
    When Marian was 18, she finally went to a music school and patiently waited in line for an application. The girl behind the counter helped everyone except Marian. In the text, it says "Was she invisible?" Why does the author write, "Was she invisible?"
    to show the reader what the girl behind the counter asked Marian when she was done helping everyone else
    to show the reader what Marian was thinking when the girl behind the counter helped everyone except her

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