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When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine

Quiz by Verlynn Lew

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Why do you think Mr.Pirzada offers to walk with Lilia during the tricks or treats?
    He is too bored and nothing to do
    Because Lilia is his child
    He worries about Lilia and sees Lilia as a replacement of his daughters
    Lilia's parents request Mr.Pirzada to help them to take care of their daughter
  • Q2
    Why did Lilia's parents invite Mr. Pirzada over frequently?
    Her parents want to have people who are in the same situation as them
    Her parents are worried about Mr. Pirzada
    Her parents want to help Mr. Pirzada
    Her parents like Mr. Pirzada
  • Q3
    Why Lilia's mother ask Lilia to help Mr. Pirzada to take his cloth?
    Mr. Pirzada is too old to hang up himself
    Lilia's family treat him as a family member
    Mr. Pirzada don't know where to hang up
    Mother treats Lilia badly
  • Q4
    How has the partition affected Mr. Pirzada's identity?
    His identity has changed
    He lost his friends
    He lost his family
    He doesn't care about Lilia anymore
  • Q5
    What does Mr. Pirzada own in Dacca?
    a wife of 20 years
    a two storey home
    a car
    7 daughters between the ages of 5 to 15
  • Q6
    What is the relationship between Lilia and Mr. Pirzada?
    Mr.Pirzada is Lilia long lost Uncle
    Lilia is Mr. Pirzada's daughter's friend
    Lilia is a little girl that reminded Mr. Pirzada of his daughter
    Lilia is Mr. Pirzada's daughter
  • Q7
    Who is the most protective over Lilia in the story?
    Lilia's father
    Mr. Prizada
    Lilia's mother
  • Q8
    What did Mr. Pirzada do at the end of the story?
    Go to New York
    Go back to Dacca
    Went back to school to get education
    stay with Lilia's family
  • Q9
    What kind of book did Lilia find in the library?
    A book on Japan
    A book on U.S history
    A book on Pakistan
    A book on Malaysia
  • Q10
    What does Lilia's father unhappy about what Lilia learn in school?
    He dislike her teacher
    She should also learn history of other countries
    What she learnt wasn't important
    The knowledge she learnt in not useful in her future
  • Q11
    Who is Mr.Pirzada's daughter?

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