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Quiz by Dinnes Masubay

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    How does technology give people happiness and pleasure?

    It allows people to communicate with loved ones anywhere in the world.

    All of the above

    It allows people to listen good music wherever they are.

    It allows people to surf and play games anytime, anywhere.

  • Q2

    At present, which of the following does not tell that technology becomes a necessity and no longer a want?

    It makes us stay connected to family members that live far away.

    It makes work more efficient and convenient.

    Anything outside like food, housing and clothing is considered a luxury.

    Almost all of our activities require some assistance from technology

  • Q3

    It states that every human person has the inherent right to be cherished, respected, and treated ethically.

    Human rights

    Civil rights

    Constitutional rights

    Natural rights

  • Q4

    It states that human have the right to life, liberty, security, and property. We have the right to a transparent, credible, competent, and impartial justice system, free from influence and corruption, where wrongs are redressed, and justice is dispensed fairly, speedily, and equitably.

    Universal rights

    Environmental rights

    Natural rights

    Constitutional rights

  • Q5

    Which of the following definition of technology is NOT correct?

    Technology is the set of tools.

    Technology is a product, or a process being used to make a task easier.

    Technology is the study on how human should follow ethical standards of society.

    Technology is the knowledge, facts, and methods necessary to discover means.

  • Q6

    Which of the following shows one of the advantages of technology?

    Natural beauty is decreasing due to the development of modern technology

    Life has become easy through science and technology

    By the use of technology, man is doing illegal things

    By means of modern technology, terrorist use it for destructive purposes

  • Q7

    It makes the assumption that science and technology are essentially intertwined and that they are each profoundly social and profoundly political.


    Social Studies

    Science, technology and society studies


  • Q8

    This criterion is solely based on their outcomes and consequences. It is grounded to the concept of common good.

    Criterion based on Justice

    Utilitarian criterion

    Advantage criterion

    Criterion based on Rights

  • Q9

    This criterion requires individuals to impose and enforce rules fairly with no exception to anybody to ensure equitable distribution of benefits and costs.

    Criterion based on Rights

    Advantage criterion

    Utilitarian criterion

    Criterion based on Justice

  • Q10

    It is the process of exchanging information with the aid of electronic devices.

    Electronic Technology

    Electronic connection

    Electronic Information

    Electronic communication


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