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Where Does Your Food Come From?

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    The purpose for reading "Where Does Your Food Come From?" is to-
    learn food rules and laws
    be informed
    be entertained
    learn how to perform a task
  • Q2
    The author organizes the selection by-
    the causes and effects of buying local and long-distance food
    listing where to get your food
    comparing and contrasting buying local, organic food and buying food that is shipped to a store
    a sequential order explaining how the food gets to the store
  • Q3
    What does the word deteriorate mean in paragraph 5?
    make better
    to hold off
    to ruin or make dirty by adding something harmful
    tastes best
  • Q4
    Choose the best word to complete this analogy: lettuce : vegetable : : apple : _____________
  • Q5
    Paragraph 5 is mainly about-
    what foods you should buy in the store
    why organic food has higher nutritional value than what is brought in long-distance
    how long it takes food to get to the store
    why you should buy locally grown food
  • Q6
    If you read an article in the newspaper giving you tips on how to eat healthier, then the article and "Where Does Your Food Come From?" would have the same-
    point of view
    writing style
    type of text
  • Q7
    According to the passage, approximately how many buildings and vehicles would lettuce have to go through on the trip between a California farm and a Boston supermarket?
    three buildings and five trucks
    three buildings and three trucks
    four buildings and five trucks
    seven buildings and three trucks
  • Q8
    What do you believe to the the role of the graphics in the passage?
    They add humor to the passage.
    They do nothing to the passage.
    They show the process of getting produce to the store.
    The provide more interest to the text.

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