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Which is Better for Introducing Evidence?

Quiz by Rebecca

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is the best way to introduce evidence?
    According to author Louisa May Alcott, she mentions on page 160 that ...
    In my opinion ...
    According to the author, Alcott, ...
    I think ...
  • Q2
    Which is the best way to introduce the evidence?
    In the passage , ...
    I think
    "Reasons Why Nikes are the Best" ....
    In the passage titled "Reasons Why Nikes are the Best,"
  • Q3
    End plagiarism myths. Select the best answer. It's not plagiarism if I ________________________.
    Use quotations and give the page or paragraph number
    write the exact same words on paper without quotations
    copy the quote from the person next to me
    copy and paste
  • Q4
    What best describes putting an author's words into your own words?
    copy and paste
  • Q5
    Which is the best way to introduce evidence?
    The author stated ...
    It stated ...
    I think ...
    The author stated in paragraph 9 that ...
  • Q6
    What best defines an author's claim?
    a plain statement
    When the author makes a statement about which they plan to convince you with supporting evidence
    an I think statement
    an opinion only
  • Q7
    If I use the phrase Mary had a little lamb without quotes, then this is a form of plagiarism. True or false?
  • Q8
    If Henry writes this same sentence from a book: The astronauts discovered in 1965 that ...., then Henry is plagiarizing ?

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