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Why Government?

Quiz by Jana Moore

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  • Q1
    What does sovereign mean?
    An author
    A ruler
    The leader of a social contract
    A monarchy
  • Q2
    What does "state of nature" refer to?
    Everyone has a right to everything
    Everyone is naturally selfish
    Everyone is afraid of everyone
    Nobody makes anything
  • Q3
    What is a social contract?
    People give up some of their rights to the government in exchange for protection.
    The government is contracted to protect the people
    People give up all their rights to the government.
    The people can overthrow the government.
  • Q4
    This philosopher wrote about the nature of government. He believed humans were naturally mean to each other, and needed the government to protect the people.
    George Washington
    John Locke
    Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Hobbes
  • Q5
    Which type of government did Thomas Hobbes believe was the best?
  • Q6
    What did Locke believe was the purpose of government?
    End natural rights and tabula rasa
    End the state of nature, give people protections
    End natural rights, give people protections
    End tabula rasa, give people protections
  • Q7
    Thomas Jefferson was influenced by this English philosopher.
    George Washington
    John Locke
    Thomas Hobbes
  • Q8
    The idea of tabula rasa refers to a blank slate. This means that for people...
    The five senses (hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, seeing) develop us into who we are.
    Other people develop our beliefs and actions.
    We are all born with our personalities and beliefs.
  • Q9
    Who wrote "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding?"
    Thomas Hobbes
    John Locke
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q10
    The right to life, liberty, and property are called what?
    Social Contract
    State of Nature
    Natural rights
    Tabula rasa

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