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Why the Sea is Salty Review

Quiz by Elizabeth Bolling

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    The people of the Philippines used salt in all the following ways except...?
    To clean their teeth
    To season and preserve food.
    To bathe their wounds
    To feed the villagers
  • Q2
    How were rain-water and sea-water similar long ago, according to the legend?
    The both were polluted.
    They both had salt.
    They both did not have salt.
    The both followed from the giant's cave.
  • Q3
    What was the one place where the people of the Philippines could find the salt they needed?
    In the wells after the rain
    In the giant's cave.
    In the village
    In the ocean
  • Q4
    What elements of the text help you understand that this text is fiction?
    The storm
    The fire
    The giant
    The Villagers
  • Q5
    Which word describes the giant?
  • Q6
    In order to get the salt from the cave back to the village, someone must be......
    tough and hungry
    kind and weak
    quiet and fast
    strong and fit
  • Q7
    Why did the giant worry as the people headed home with salt in their boats?
    He was worried there would not be salt for him.
    He was worried they would not return to his island.
    He was worried the people might become hungry without salt.
    He worried the boats might sink from the heavy salt.
  • Q8
    What was the boy's plan to make collecting salt easier?
    To trick the giant.
    Build a bridge.
    To explore the cave
    Build a tunnel
  • Q9
    What is the author referring to when he says “big, fat button mushrooms”?
    the plants on the steep path
    the giant’s toes
    the giant’s ears
    the rocks in the cave
  • Q10
    What happens when the ants begin to bite the giant and cause him pain as the villagers are crossing his leg bridge?
    he screams at the ants to leave him alone
    he gasps for air and cannot breathe
    he shakes his legs and the villagers fall off
    the boys sets the ants on fire
  • Q11
    What is a legend?
    A drama where there are actors and costumes.
    A poem
    An article of facts about a topic.
    A story passed down through generations to tell why something occurs in the world.
  • Q12
    What point of view is Why the Sea is Salty written in?
    Third person
    First person
    What is point of view?
  • Q13
    What is the setting of Why the Sea is Salty?
    The United States
    The Philippine Islands
  • Q14
    What thing in nature does this story explain?
    How people and giants became friends
    How oceans became salty
    Why bridges are important
    Why salting fish is important.
  • Q15
    What is the theme of Why the Sea is Salty?
    Giants can be very helpful.
    If you live on an island, stay away from other people.
    Working together helps to solve problems.
    Don’t eat too much salt.

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