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  • Q1
    Why did Ginger decide to leave Honduras?
    She wanted to make sure her mother was safe in the U.S.
    She thought the journey to the U.S. border would be easy.
    She was afraid the police would take her back to her kidnappers.
    She knew that U.S. asylum laws were going to become stricter.
  • Q2
    Which definition relates to “asylum seeker”?
    someone who moves to the U.S. temporarily because of a job transfer
    someone who arrives at the U.S. border and applies for protection
    someone who is carefully vetted before arriving in the U.S
    someone who applies to come to the U.S. from abroad
  • Q3
    What is Ginger’s situation at the end of the article?
    She has just received asylum.
    She is trying to find a lawyer to handle her case.
    She is waiting for the government to rule on her asylum application.
    She will soon be deported back to Honduras.
  • Q4
    In the opening section, which detail does the author provide to help readers understand why ginger was afraid of the police in Honduras?
    “ . . . when no one was looking, Ginger escaped through a window.”
    “Ginger and her grandfather left the police station . . .”
    Ginger and her grandfather left the police station . . .”
    “ . . . police are often in cahoots with the drug cartels.
  • Q5
    This chart shows...
    Question Image
    most asylum seekers are not granted asylum
    the number of asylum requests changes from year to year
    the number of asylum requests has gone up during the past 10 years
    nearly all asylum seekers are granted asylum
  • Q6
    The author says, “President Trump and many of his supporters say this is evidence that the asylum system is being abused.” You can reasonably infer that by “this,” the author is referring to ___.
    the difficult journey migrants endure
    the terrible circumstances people are fleeing
    the corrupt authorities who work with criminals
    the increase in the number of asylum seekers
  • Q7
    Ira Mehlman says, “People know that if they say the right things and get into the asylum system that they’ll be able to stay in the U.S. for years.” His tone can best be described as ___.
  • Q8
    In the section “Too Scared to Sleep,” the word petrified most nearly means ___.
    too far from a certain location
    so frightened that you cannot move
    truly happy about what you are doing
    very curious about what is happening

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