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Will vs going to

Quiz by Nancy

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    A: We don't have any bread. B: I know. I _________some. I took money from your purse.
    will to buy
    will buy
    am going to buy
    going to buy
  • Q2
    A: We don't have any bread. B: Really? I ___________some from the shop then.
    will getting
    will get
    am going to get
    going to get
  • Q3
    A: Why do you need to borrow my suitcase? B: Because I ___________my mother in Scotland next month.
    will visit
    am going to visit
    will visits
    are going to visit
  • Q4
    A: I'm really cold. B: I _____________ the heating on.
    am going to turn
    will turn
    will turns
    going to turn
  • Q5
    A: What are your plans after you leave university? B: I ___________in a private hospital.
    will work
    am going to working
    will to work
    am going to work
  • Q6
    A: All the lights have gone off! B: Don't worry. I ________a look.
    will take
    am going to take
    going to take
    will takes
  • Q7
    A: Why are you carrying your laptop? B: I ____________some homework on the train.
    am going to do
    will do
    going to do
    will doing
  • Q8
    A: I can't find my keys. B: I ___________you look for them.
    will helps
    am going to help
    are going to help
    will help
  • Q9
    A: Did you remember to buy the tickets? B: Oh no, I forgot! I _________them online now.
    will buys
    will buy
    am going to buy
    going to buy
  • Q10
    We ___________a barbecue tomorrow. It's all planned, so I hope it won't rain.
    will have
    are going to have
    am going to have
    will having
  • Q11
    Will you lend me $10? I promise I ______________ it back to you tomorrow.
    are going to give
    going to give
    will giving
    will give
  • Q12
    A: I haven't got my phone. B: That's OK. I ___________you mine.
    will lend
    will lending
    are going to lend
    am going to lend

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