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Quiz by Megan Park

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What causes wind?
    Difference in air pressure
    Temperature difference
  • Q2
    What happens when warm air expands and rises?
    It creates a low-pressure area
    It becomes heavier
    It creates wind
    It creates a high-pressure area
  • Q3
    What is the role of the Sun in causing wind?
    Generating air pressure
    Heating the Earth unevenly
    Creating high-pressure areas
    Directing wind patterns
  • Q4
    What makes wind stronger?
    Higher humidity
    Higher altitude
    Greater difference in pressure
    Lower temperature
  • Q5
    What happens when cooler air condenses and sinks?
    It creates a low pressure area
    It gets lighter
    It creates wind
    It create a high pressure area
  • Q6
    Warmer air is..
    more dense and higher pressure
    more dense and lower pressure
    less dense and lower pressure
    more dense and lower pressure
  • Q7
    Cooler air is...
    more dense and lower pressure
    more dense and higher pressure
    less dense and higher pressure
    less dense and lower pressure
  • Q8
    Air moves...
    however it wants to
    from low pressure to high pressure
    from high temperature to low temperature
    from high pressure to low pressure

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