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Windigo Overview

Quiz by Nicole Schiff

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is a Windigo? 

    A devil from Greek mythology 

    A flesh eating monster, created by the Algonquian-speaking First Nations in North America. 

    Cookie Monster

  • Q2

    What is the PURPOSE of "Windigo" by Louise Erdrich

    Cautionary Tale about being kind to those around you

    To make readers happy and entertained

    Cautionary Tale about isolation and selfishness, and the importance of community. 

    The purpose of this poem is to cause confusion within the reader 

  • Q3

    What are the 5 senses for IMAGERY

    Temperature, feeling, sight, taste, hear

    Sight, touch, emotion, colors, weather

    Sight, taste, touch, hear, taste

  • Q4

    Who is SPEAKING in the poem? 

    The mother

    The child

    The author

    The Windigo

  • Q5

    Annotating means...

    Take notes about the main ideas

    Highlight words

    Circle things that stick out

    to pick apart a poem and create notes based on what you are reading


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