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Witch of Blackbird Pond Ch 6-8

Quiz by Karen Ellison

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  • Q1
    Who did Matthew say was never going to be welcome in his house again?
    Gershom Bulkley
    John Holbrook
    William Ashby
    Nat Eaton
  • Q2
    Who is the glue that holds the Woods family together?
  • Q3
    What was the problem between Uncle Matthew and Rev. Bulkley?
    They disagreed over religious issues.
    They disagreed over how Kit should be treated.
    They disagreed over political rights
    They disagreed over laws for Connecticut
  • Q4
    Who did the Woods family assume was going to ask to call on Judith?
    John Holbrook
    Nat Eaton
    Benjamin Cruff
    William Ashby
  • Q5
    What piece of information did William share that indicated he had already decided to marry?
    He was preparing to build a house
    He had purchased land.
    He had taken a new job.
  • Q6
    Who else showed up at the Wood home besides William on Saturday night?
    John Holbrook
    Gershom Bulkley
    Nat Eaton
  • Q7
    After the first night that William came to call on Kit, why did she decide he would probably never want to come back?
    because William was bored with her
    Because Uncle Matthew and William has argued and disagreed on political issues.
    because she was interested in John
  • Q8
    After a few visits, Kit began to look forward to William's Saturday evening visits because
    she got to take long, romantic walks in the woods
    she had the chance to dress up
    he was the only person who demanded nothing from her

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