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Wolf Man Jack Test #1 (Pgs. 1-4)

Quiz by Earl Kent

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    Wolfman Jack has been described as a blend between Howlin’ Wolf and:


    a Martian

    Dr. Joyce Brothers

    a White Rapper

  • Q2

    Kids would listen to the Wolfman on their:

    Transistor radios

    Home Radios

    Car Radios

    Metal Bedsprings

  • Q3

    Growing up in New York the Wolfman would practice in his basement pretending to be:

    Dick Clark

    Moon Dog

    The Big Bopper

    John R

  • Q4

    The Border Blasters were ______ times more powerful than US stations.

    One Thousand

    Ten Thousand


    One Hundred

  • Q5

    Birds flying near the Border Blasters would ‘fry’ from the stations:

    Microwave signal

    Radiated Power

    Transmitted Negative Charges

    Transmitted Electrons

  • Q6

    _______ was all that Wolfman Jack loved and wanted to be.



    A Radio Station Owner


  • Q7

    During the 1920’s border radio was the best way for preaches and ________ to spread their message.


    American Entrepreneurs

    Mexican Resort Owners

    Drug Pushers

  • Q8

    A famous DJ who broadcasted from Buffalo, NY and was an early influence on The Wolfman was:

    The Hound

    Alan Freed

    Jocko Henderson

    John R.

  • Q9

    _______ first made an appearance on the X stations in the mid-1950s.


    Rhythm & Blues Music

    Hillbilly Music

    Bluegrass Music

  • Q10

    Wolfman Jack’s real name was:

    Bob Smith

    Pedro Martinez

    Chris Jones

    Juan Rodriquez

  • Q11

    He chose “The Wolfman” as part of his stage name because:

    He looked like a wolf

    He could howl like a wolf

    He loved wolves

    He was a horror freak

  • Q12

    One example of a mail order product that Wolfman Jack sold was:

    Baby Chicks

    Wolfman Record Promos

    Concert Tickets

    Autographed Wolfman Photos


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