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Wolf Man Jack Test #2 (Pages 5-8)

Quiz by Earl Kent

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13 questions
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  • Q1

    The Border stations had such a phenomenal signal that Wolf Man Jack received 4000 to 5000 pieces of mail:

    his first week on the air

    every week on the air

    his first night on the air

    every night on the air

  • Q2

    Border radio station XERF was located way out in the boondocks past:



    the Akuna Pass

    Mexico City

  • Q3

    The radio station agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada gave the US:

    53 radio stations

    50 radio stations (One for each State)

    51 radio stations

    52 radio stations

  • Q4

    Mexican Border stations were up to a 1000 times more powerful than US radio stations because:

    There were so few of them

    The owners were extremely rich

    They were not regulated by the government

    The towers were located in the desert away from the population centers

  • Q5

    Wolf Man Jack’s on-air radio shift on the border blasters was:

    between Midnight to 4 am

    during afternoon drive

    between Six to 10 pm

    during morning drive

  • Q6

    Which one of the following statements about radio station KUXL is false:

    Wolf Man Jack co-owned the station

    Wolf Man Jack was the featured DJ

    Wolf Man Jack was the general manager

    The station was located in Minnesota

  • Q7

    ” Boogie with the Wolf Man” was an album by Wolf Man Jack and  ______.

    George Garrett


    the Wolf Pack

    the Wooden Nickel

  • Q8

    Who gave Wolf Man Jack the American rights to broadcast on several of the Mexican X stations?

    Lonnie Napier

    Harold Schwartz

    The Mexican Government

    George Garrett

  • Q9

    Why did Wolf Man Jack get a hold of radio station XERB?

    The price was too good to pass up

    It covered the 13 Western States

    It was the closest station to his home in California

    It covered the 13 Eastern States

  • Q10

    Radio station XERB in Tijuana, Mexico was known as:

    The Million Watt Behemoth

    The Mighty 1090

    The Rhythm & Blues Behemoth

    The Soul Power Behemoth

  • Q11

    Although XERB’s transmitter was south of the border it’s studio was in Los Angeles on:

    Rodeo Drive

    Sunset Boulevard

    Hollywood Boulevard

    Mulholland Drive

  • Q12

    All Wolf Man Jack ‘on air’ broadcasts on XERB were:

    taped 24 hours in advance and shipped to the transmitter for broadcast

    broadcast live from the transmitter

    taped at the transmitter and played 24 hours later

    broadcast live from the studio

  • Q13

    Most phone calls that aired on the Wolf Man Jack show were:

    answered and broadcast Live

    automated and played back on a time delay

    automated and triggered from the studio

    taped and played back from a reel to reel


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