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Word Parts - Unknown Words

Quiz by Abigail Padilla

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    If dis- means not or lacking, what does displaced mean?
    lacking a home, country, etc.
    none of these
    not pleased
    too much space
  • Q2
    If -loc- means place, what does locate mean?
    to find something
    to light up
    to lose something
    to travel
  • Q3
    If a- means not, without, or lacking, then what does asymmetry mean?
    lacking symmetry
    lacking geometry
    lacking synonyms
    lacking symptoms
  • Q4
    If ir- means not, then what does "irreversible" mean?
    able to be changed
    unable to be changed
    lacking a verse
    able to be turned around
  • Q5
    If some flowers are annuals, what does it mean?
    It means those flowers grow in pairs (grow in two's).
    It means those flowers turn.
    It means those flowers live for a year.
    It means those flowers live underwater.

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