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Word Problems and EOG

Quiz by Brinda Swift

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Mattie started her own landscaping business. She charges $6 an hour for mowing and $11 per hour for pulling weeds. In August she mowed for 63 hours and pulled weeds for 9 hours. How much money did she earn in August?
  • Q2
    Julius wants to buy a gift for his father that costs $35.92 and a gift for his mom that costs $52.08. He has saved $16.28 How much more does he need to save in order to buy the gifts?
  • Q3
    Chico had $100. His mom sent him to the store to buy three gallons of ice cream at $7.29 each. Then she sent him to the farmer's market to purchase two dozen ears of corn that cost $5 per dozen ears. Finally, he was to stop at Papa John's to pick up some pizzas. How much money did he have left to spend on pizzas?
  • Q4
    Last December, on the first Monday there was no snow on the ground in Buffalo, NY. On the following Tuesday, three inches of snow fell. On Wednesday, a half inch of snow melted. On Thursday, two and a half more inches fell. On Friday, another inch and a half melted. How much snow was left on the ground Friday night?
    3.5 inches
    4 inches
    6 inches
    4.5 inches
  • Q5
    If Ethan has 10 gallons of water for the balloons to be filled, how many quarts does Kevin need to equal this amount?
    40 qts.
    60 qts.
    50 pts.
    50 qts.
  • Q6
    Which choice is equal to 2.5?
    2 1/5
    2 4/10
  • Q7
    If the sum of the measures of an equilateral triangle is 180 degrees, what is the measure of one angle?
    90 degrees
    40 degrees
    60 degrees
    30 degrees
  • Q8
    Which equals 4,520?
    38 hundreds and 72 tens
    45 hundreds and 50 tens
    40 hundreds and 62 tens
    45 hundreds and 52 tens
  • Q9
    Destiny got to the park at 7:45. While she was there she walked her dog for 35 minutes, played on the playground for 20 minutes and sat down for an ice cream cone. If she left the park at 8:00 and it takes her 10 minutes to walk home, how long did she sat and enjoy her ice cream cone?
    12 minutes
    20 minutes
    10 minutes
    15 minutes
  • Q10
    Which is a multiple of 6? (Think multiplication chart)

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