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  • Q1
    The four types of margins are
    Bold, Italic, Underline, Center
    Top, Bottom, Left, Right
    Left, Right, Center, Justify
    Left, Right, Italic, Underline
  • Q2
    What is margin?
    White space or area around the document that have type on them
    White space or area around the edge of document that do not have type on them.
    White space on the document also known as Work space.
    A feature that is used to change the alignment of text.
  • Q3
    Define what a font is.
    Characters with different shape and design.
    A feature that is used to change the size of characters.
    Characters with same shape and design.
    Characters that have same with and length
  • Q4
    Name the two types of font.
    Serif and Sans Serif
    Serif and Non Serif
    Bold and Italic
    Bold and Underline
  • Q5
    The two letter spacing are:
    Serif and Sans Serif
    Center and Justify
    Proportional and Fixed
    Width and length
  • Q6
    Which of the following is an example of a font?
    Times New Roman
  • Q7
    Bold, Italic and Underline are the three common
    Font colors
    Font styles
    Font sizes
    Font types
  • Q8
    What is a Word Processor?
    Formatting feature for changing letter styles.
    A application Software of a computer.
    Basic Part of a computer.
    An Internal hardware of a computer.
  • Q9
    The following are advantages of a word processor except
    Spelling and grammar checking, use thesaurus.
    Format text such as change font, bold, underline etc...
    Can insert graphics and create tables and make lists.
    Expensive - You need a computer to use word processor.
  • Q10
    What is the main role of the alignment feature in formatting paragraphs?
    Determines the relationship of the paragraph to the ribbons.
    Determines the height of each line in a paragraph.
    Determines the space between the letters of words in a paragraph.
    Determines the relationship of the paragraph to the margins.

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