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Word Up 1b - Sentences Practice

Quiz by Mrs. Fry

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    Which sentence uses the word innovation incorrectly?

    When the innovation, Xbox, came out, I got it for my birthday.

    The girl innovationed so well that it sold out immediately.

    The new iPad is a good innovation for school.

    She couldn't figure out how to fix the car, so she came up with an innovation to fix it, and it worked!

  • Q2

    Which sentence uses the word evoke incorrectly?

    I evoked my sleeping sister, who was very angry with me!

    When I returned to my old school, it evoked a lot of good and bad feelings.

    When I walked through my grandpa's house, a flood of memories were evoked. 

    As soon as a saw the picture, it evoked a memory from when I was little.

  • Q3

    Which sentence uses the word asset incorrectly?

    The team's asset was a very poor choice to use as a starter at the game.

    I was the main asset playing football for my team on Saturday.

    Sasha believes manipulation is an asset needed to get others to listen.

    An open mind is a key asset in learning new things.

  • Q4

    Which sentence uses the word arbitrary incorrectly?

    Because he didn't really like any of his choices, Sal arbitrarily decided that he would join the soccer team because his parents told him to pick a sport to play.

    You are arbitrary today because your clothes don't match.

    I made an arbitrary decision to go to Dunkin stead of Starbucks because I just couldn't choose.

    Your arbitrary explanation just doesn't make sense, so I'll continue to do things my way.

  • Q5

    Which sentence uses the word Haggard incorrectly?

    My mom looks haggard when she wakes up.

    My haggard but loving grandma loves to give us cookies. 

    I was haggard after I left football practice.

    I was haggard after a nice relaxing shower and a cup of hot tea.

  • Q6

    Which sentence uses the word calamity incorrectly?

    The haggard soldiers wished the calamity of the war was over.

    The tornado caused a calamity for all the farmers, because it destroyed the crops.

    The calamity of the Holocaust is an event that should never be forgotten.

    My new iPhone is a calamity in my mind - it helps me do so many things!

  • Q7

    Which sentence uses the word sham incorrectly?

    I don't like to go to carnivals because the games are total shams.

    The sketchy website was a sham.

    The miracle nose trimmer I bought from the TV commercial was a sham; I want my money back!

    The student was shammed for a snapped pencil.


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