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Word Up 2 - Sentences

Quiz by Mrs. Fry

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Which sentence uses the word sham INCORRECTLY?

    The call I got said that I was in debt, but it was just a sham!

    Shane bought the car online, only to find out it was a sham!

    The game was a sham; it was just like the ad said!

    The online website was a sham and only wanted to steal my bank account information!

  • Q2

    What sentence uses the word calamity INCORRECTLY?

    When my two best friends had a gigantic argument, it was really a calamity for me since I had to still try to be on both of their sides!

    I have a calamity when I remember I don't have any friends.

    The storm caused a giant calamity in the town because so many businesses and homes were destroyed.

    The Great Depression was a calamity for not only the United States, but also the world!

  • Q3

    Which sentence uses the word dissension INCORRECTLY?

    There was a big dissension at the school today because everyone got along super well and there were no problems!

    Emily's new car caused dissension between her and her brother.

    At the meeting, there was dissension over which was the better candy: Skittles or m&ms.

    There was dissension in the family over which movie to watch.

  • Q4

    Which sentence uses the word affluent INCORRECTLY?

    My grandfather was so affluent that he had to come live with us instead of renting from someone.

    The affluent celebrity donated a lot of money to his favorite charity. 

    Only affluent people can afford to buy $800 shoes! 

    My neighbor is very affluent and they often invite me over to go swimming in their indoor pool!

  • Q5

    Which sentence uses the word illustrious INCORRECTLY?

    Because they wanted the best candidate for the job, they choose the person with the most illustrious resume. 

    Because the person had an illustrious background, he was not able to be hired. 

    The illustrious student earned valedictorian because of all of his accomplishments in high school.

    Michael Jordan has an illustrious basketball career.


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