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17 questions
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  • Q1
    These are public or private institutions or organizations that are able and willing to lend their expertise and resources.
    Partner Institutions
    Focal Person
    Work Immersion
  • Q2
    It is legally binding document which spells out the specific terms and conditions between and among parties entering into a partnership to implement a program.
    Job Sheet
    Memorandum of Agreement
    Endorsement Letter
    Application Letter
  • Q3
    Refers to the relationship between the partner institution and the school, or any office of DepEd .
    Focal Person
  • Q4
    The person who is authorized to seek partnerships between DepEd and Institutions.
    Work Immersion Teacher
    School Partnership Focal Person
  • Q5
    It refers to the subject of Senior High School Curriculum, which involves hands-on experience or work simulation in which learners can apply their competencies and acquired knowledge relevant to your track.
    Specialized Subject
    Curriculum guide
    Core Subject
    Work Immersion
  • Q6
    Serves as the counterpart of the Work Immersion Teacher.
    Partner Institution
    Work Immersion Partner Institution Supervisor
    Focal Person
    Work Immersion
  • Q7
    The school personnel who is assigned to supervise the learners at the Work Immersion venue.
    Work Immersion Teacher
    Work Immersion Student
    Work Immersion Supervisor
    Work Immersion Focal Person
  • Q8
    It is the place where work immersion conducted.
    Work Immersion Teacher
    Workplace Immersion Venue
    Work Immersion
    Work Immersion Focal
  • Q9
    This document listed the names of the students who will undergo work immersion program in a company.
    Job Sheet
    Evaluation Sheet
    Application Letter
    Endorsement Letter
  • Q10
    DTR stands for?
    Daily Test Record
    Day to Read
    Daily Track Reader
    Daily Time Record
  • Q11
    How many hours is the minimum requirement to complete the work immersion program?
    60 hours
    120 hours
    80 hours
    30 hours
  • Q12
    It is where the students write their learning and observations.
    Narrative Report
    Periodic Report
    Formal Report
    Proposal Report
  • Q13
    What is the other term for resume ?
    Personal Resume
    Curriculum vitae
    Personal Vitae
    Cover Resume
  • Q14
    It is where the list of tasks/activities of the students is presented.
    Work Immersion Portfolio
    Diary Notebook
    Narrative Report
    Record Book
  • Q15
    This document is the basis of student’s completion of the work immersion training in the partner company.
    Certificate of attendance
    Certificate of Completion
    Certificate of participation
    Certificate of recognition

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