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World War 1 and the Russian Revolution

Quiz by Maria Mahoney

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17 questions
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  • Q1

    The changes in military spending shown on this chart contributed most directly to which of the following?

    Question Image

    World War 1

    Opium War

    end of the Cold War

    creation of the United States

  • Q2

    Which statement best represents the cartoonist's point of view?

    Question Image

    The nation of Italy was not guilty of any crimes in Europe

    working together will bring peace back to Europe

    There is plenty of blame to go around for the death of peace in Europe

    Germany is best positioned to revive peace in Europe

  • Q3

    Growing nationalism and militarism in Europe and the creation of secret alliances were

    reasons for the rise of democracy 

    causes of World War 1

    requirements for economic development 

    reasons for the collapse of communism 

  • Q4

    Which claim can best be supported by this passage?

    Question Image

    countries engaged in war were punished for their actions

    illness and disease took many lives 

    New technology made warfare more destructive 

    warfare had limited impact on the environment

  • Q5

    A historian could best use this passage to study which topic of the World War I?

    Question Image

    events that started the war

    equipment utilized by soldiers

    propaganda that supported the war effort 

    impact of combat on civilians 

  • Q6

    The conflict described in this notice resulted most directly from which of the following?

    Question Image

    Germany's invasion of Poland

    the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 

    British imperialism in India 

    Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe 

  • Q7

    Which conflict is described in this notice?

    Question Image

    Cold War

    World War II

    Franco-Prussian war

    World War I

  • Q8

    Serbia receives an ultimatum

    Russia supports Serbia

    Germany mobilizes its troops

    These events led most directly to the

    defeat of Kemal Ataturk

    end of the World War II

    unification of Germany

    outbreak of World War 1

  • Q9

    Which factor caused many European countries to become involved in World War I?

    communist ideologies 

    entangling alliances 

    opposition to fascism 

    religious obligations

  • Q10

    Which event is considered the immediate cause of WWI?

    invasion of Poland by Germany

    use of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany 

    signing of the Treaty of Versailles 

    assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand 

  • Q11

    This WWI poster is an example of 

    Question Image





  • Q12

    The cartoonist is suggesting the League of Nations will fail because

    Question Image

    the United States has not become a member 

    England and Italy do not want help from Belgium and France 

    France and England control the keystone

    the United States is relying too much on England and Italy for support 

  • Q13

    One reason the League of Nations failed as a world peace keeping organization was that it 

    lacked a military force to settle conflicts 

    dealt with conflict by establishing naval blockades 

    encouraged the annexation of territory by force 

    supported the rise of fascist states 

  • Q14

    The change in boundaries shown on these maps most directly resulted from which of the following?

    Question Image

    treaties signed at the end of WWI

    the spread of communism in Eastern Europe

    expansion of the Ottoman Empire after World War I

    the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany

  • Q15

    The change in boundaries on these maps most clearly shows the influence of which of the following ideas?






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