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World War 11

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  • Q1
    Adolph Hitler official policy of Antisemitism means that
    Jews cannot contribute to Germany's economic prosperity
    the state was more powerful than the individual
    Germany's should unite and rule of the Jewish community
    the German race was superior to all other races.
  • Q2
    Allies of Germany and Italy became known as the
    Axis Powers
    Nazi Party
    Non-Aggression Pact members
    Fascist dictators
  • Q3
    What event brought United States into the war?
    Hitler's decision to invade Russia
    German attach of U.S. supply ships in the Atlantic
    bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese
    pleas from Winston Churchill for U.S. help in the war.
  • Q4
    What occurred on D-Day?
    for the first time U.S. forces fought with the Allied Forces
    the Battle of the Bulge began
    Allied forces defeat Axis power in Africa.
    Allied forces (USA and England) crossed the English Channel and invaded Normandy beaches in France
  • Q5
    Why did the U.S.A. engage in Island Hopping?
    to prevent Japan from attacking U.S. possessions in the Pacific Ocean
    to move Allied forces closer to Japan
    to recruit support from residents of the Islands in the Pacific Ocean
    to defend Allied ships for Kamikaze pilots

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