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World War I

Quiz by Tabitha Neufeld

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  • Q1
    How did Militarism result in an unstable Europe by 1914?
    Nations competed to build the strongest armies
    Serbia started pushing countries around
    Countries tried to control China
    It was a highly emotional atmosphere
  • Q2
    U-boats were German
    submarines used against Allied supply ships and non-military ships from neutral nations
    supply ships with armored hulls to protect them from underwater mines
    submarines used to find and dismantle mines planted by the British in the North Sea
    supply ships that blocked Allied ports as well as ports in neutral nations
  • Q3
    The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand affected Europe by
    leading Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia
    causing an economic crisis
    keeping people from enlisting in the army
    breaking the alliance between Russia and France
  • Q4
    In the early 1900's France, Russia and Great Britain were known as the
    Southern Powers
    Northern Powers
    Allied Powers
    Central Powers
  • Q5
    In World War I, the new strategy of trench warfare was an effective way to
    exchange secret messages
    isolate soldiers suffering from contagious diseases
    camouflage the soldiers in the wilderness
    defend a position by fighting from within deep ditches
  • Q6
    What finally brought the United States into World War I, ending its policy of neutrality?
    the German attack on the British passenger liner Lusitania, in which 128 Americans were killed
    U.S. investment in Allied nations, which amounted to $2 billion, and which would be lost if the Central Powers won the war
    the German attack on the French passenger ship Sussex, in which four Americans were killed
    discovery of the Zimmermann Note, in which Germany promised to give Mexico parts of the United States if Mexico allied itself with Germany
  • Q7
    What was the name given to the creation of an international assembly of Nations after the war?
    Central Powers
    League of Nations
    Allied Powers
    The treaty of Versailles
  • Q8
    The Zimmermann Note...
    encouraged the U.S. to become allies with Canada
    motivated the U.S. to declare war on Germany
    encouraged the U.S. to stay neutral in the war
    motivated the U.S. to become allies with Mexico
  • Q9
    The allied forces wanted Germany to pay approximately 33 billion dollars in
    back taxes
    liberty bonds
  • Q10
    The treaty that completely put an end to World War I was called the
    Treaty of Paris
    League of Nations Treaty
    Wilson's 14 Points
    Treaty of Versailles
  • Q11
    This country fought in the war, but did not sign the Treaty of Versailles
    Great Britain
    United States
  • Q12
    The treaty of Versailles had several harsh terms for Germany including,
    Germany had to accept full responsibility for the war
    having to pay reparations
    Germany had to give up all its colonies
    All of the choices
  • Q13
    Identify some of the improved or new weapons used during World War I
    Airplane, Rifles, Lasers, Tanks, Cannons
    Cannons, Rifles, Airplane, Machine Guns, Missiles
    Cannons, Airplane, Rifles, Machine Guns, Tanks
    Airplane, Cannons, Jets, Machine Guns, Tanks
  • Q14
    Being a strong supporter of the rights of one's country
  • Q15
    Which European nation formed an alliance with France in 1893?

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